Devil Hunter X

Devil Hunter X is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Devil Hunter X Review

Devil Hunter X is an action platformer, but sadly, both the action and the platforming are absolutely awful, leaving the game with few redeeming qualities. Fiddly controls, shallow combat, and dialog that sounds as if it’s the result of a Google translation gone awry make this game nearly impossible to recommend.

Devil Hunter X is set in a post-apocalyptic world where four devils are ravaging the land. As one of many potential heroes, it’s your job to try and stop them and bring peace back to the world. At least, we think that’s what is going on.

All of the text in the game, whether it’s the story narration or the dialog, is just awful. Most of it is incomprehensible, and those bits you can put together make little sense. It’s clearly the case of a bad translation, but that’s no excuse for frequent typos, grammatical mistakes, and sentences that just don’t make sense. The only real benefit is the few unintentionally hilarious typos.

Kids, don’t try this at home.

All that would all be forgiven if the actual game was any good, but it isn’t. Devil Hunter X is a side-scrolling action game, with a heavy focus on combat and platforming. But neither of these aspects of the game are any good.

The platforming is stiff, and it never really feels as if you’re in complete control of your character. To make matters worse, there are plenty of instant death jumps, where if you miss a ledge you’ll fall face-first into a big pile of spikes. Or water, which also kills you for some reason.

The combat, meanwhile, is all about mashing buttons. You can get through most of the game by simply tapping the attack button repeatedly, though a few enemies will require the use of very simple multi-button combos.

The problem is that pulling off these combos is very unreliable. Even when you hit the correct sequence, sometimes the game doesn’t register your input. Actually, this is true for much of the game. Whether it’s jumping or attacking, the controls in Devil Hunter X occasionally don’t register. Needless to say, this is frustrating.

And he summoned a rainbow of fire.

The enemies in Devil Hunter X are almost all mindless and simple to defeat, with only a few requiring any real strategy. This is also true of the bosses. You’ll face off against all four devils several times, but their patterns remain largely unchanged and ridiculously simple to figure out. The first boss simply tries to poke you with a giant finger– not much of an attack for a devil terrorizing the world.

You’ll earn new combos and abilities as you progress, and some, like the grappling hook, are actually pretty cool. You can use it to reach higher areas and yank enemies off of a ledge. But the game limits when you can actually use these abilities to very specific, predetermined events. There’s not much freedom at all.

We can’t think of any reasons why you should play Devil Hunter X. The platforming is bad, the combat is bad, and the story and writing are atrociously bad. Devil Hunter X may look tempting in the App Store, with its colorful anime visuals and promises of fighting terrible devils. But don’t fall it– this is a game you should definitely avoid.

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