Developers on Alert as Tablet App Store Gears Up

An official announcement of any sort is still, reportedly, about a month away, but already Apple’s Tablet is an accepted cog in the company’s wheel. It would also appear Apple is keen to ensure the device’s App Store enjoys the same kind of success the iPhone version has had over the last year and a half.

That’s according to Cult of Mac, who claims that “select” iPhone developers– presumably the ones Apple considers will bring the most value to the Tablet– have been prepped to prepare “full screen” demos of their apps for the device next month.

Of course, while the chosen few studios and their associated bevy of developers may be in the know, nobody else is entirely sure just what “full screen” means. The actual specs of the Tablet are known to few, but some have suggested it will lean more towards an iPod Touch than a Mac. In this regard, the App Store is the one major clue as to Apple’s plans. A source at Business Insider, for example, says that Apple will give all developers six months after a January announcement to upgrade their iPhone apps for the larger screen.

Apple seems keen for the Tablet to be yet another platform that shows off the App Store to full effect. The App Store has turned out to be doing as much to roll in the dollars as anything else on Apple’s roster. Such insight suggests that, though no doubt pricey, the Tablet will still be pushed at something of a “mainstream” audience, apps and games alike coming along for the ride.

If that means especially large and crisp versions of Ace Combat, or Speed Forge Extreme, then count us in.

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