Dev Makes iPhone Game in 24 Hours: Super Ramen Bros

As little more than a New Year’s lark, Alex Schwartz of GT Productions (developer of Spring Fling) and his friend Yilmaz Kiymaz decided to make an iPhone game in just 24 hours. Conceived as a sort of “gift” to their community on the company blog, they opened up the subject of the game to the players, and got some very interesting, if bizarre, suggestions.

These included one poster who suggested they make a game where you took control of a plumber who had to constantly reroute the plumbing and fix the pipes underneath a set of apartment bathrooms, so that the tenement waste would make it into the sewers.

However, the final design for their game is called Super Ramen Brothers. It’s about two packets of ramen noodles moving down a grocery store conveyor belt. You control one of the ramen packets as you try to leap over other grocery items to avoid doom at the bottom of a paper bag. You can even collect little soy sauce packets for a quick speed boost!

Obviously, this isn’t trying to be an epic like Ravensword or anything like that, but for a 24 hour effort this game is very inspired and looks like a good amount of fun. You can watch a video of the game in action here.

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