Destructopus Hands-On Preview

Ever since we first played Rampage in the arcades, the idea of controlling a giant, destructive monster has always appealed to us. There have been some great monster-themed iPhone games, like Wackylands Boss and Super Mega Worm, and soon a tentacled beast from the deep named Destructopus will be joining them.

Destructopus is a massive octopus who was awakened by deep sea drilling. He finds that filthy humans have been polluting non-stop and exploiting other animals, like turning panda bears into rugs and filling shipping containers with elephant tusks. With this moral imperative, Destructopus sets out on his noble mission: Kill every human or man-made structure in his path.

You control Destructopus using simple left and right arrows in the lower left of the screen. Destructopus can also duck under missiles and bullets, and claw and bite with a tap on the screen. You can also charge up a laser eye attack, and as you progress through the game, more abilities can be unlocked at an organic food stand. Unfortunately, some of these extras appear be in in-app purchases.

Like in Rampage, Destructopus can take a lot of punishment from the puny humans. You’ll have to crush soldiers, tanks, and helicopters, as well as knock over shipping containers, buildings, construction equipment, and walls. As you cause destruction, you’ll collect green orbs that will reward you with 1-3 stars at the end of each level.

Our favorite part of this game so far is the colorful graphical style. Wide-eyed and full of jagged teeth, Destructopus is adorably terrifying. The levels are also packed with a lot of details to reinforce the environmental message, like billowing smokestacks in the background and ads for panda rugs on the streets.

Tomorrow’s Earth Day, so it’s a good time to consider taking care of the planet, or else we might invoke the wrath of Destructopus. Look for this calamitous creature to invade the App Store in a few weeks.

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