‘Destiny’ Companion App Incoming

Big game companies are onto you. They know that when you’re sitting on the couch playing a console game, you thumb through your iPhone or iPad during loading screens. To keep your attention during these periods of ADD, many games release with companion apps. The upcoming online shooter Destiny (made by Bungie of Halo fame) will release alongside a companion app, and the app actually looks pretty useful.

For one thing, the app will be closely tailored to your game. It will let you view a 3D model of your character, fully specced out with whatever gear you currently have equipped. You can even make changes to your character in the app, which will then be pushed to your game on consoles.


Better yet, you can use the app to scope out your inventory and see what wares nearby vendors have for sale. Naturally, you’ll also be able to read through the game’s codex to dig deep into the lore of the Destiny universe.

The Destiny companion app will launch for iPhone during the game’s beta, which begins on Thursday. When the full game launches in September, the app will be available for iPad and Android as well.

IGN got a hands-on preview of the app, so check out the video for a walkthrough.

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