Denny’s and Atari Team Up for a Food-Themed Collection of Classics

If your love for iOS gaming is only matched by your love of greasy food, today is your lucky day. Denny’s, the home of the Grand Slam breakfast, has teamed up with Atari to replace the graphics in classic Atari games with pancakes and bacon. You can download the delicious game collection, called Denny’s Atari Remix, here for free.

Specifically, the games Denny’s chose to revamp are Asteroids, Centipede, and Breakout. Or, as the game re-names them, Hashteroids, Centipup, and Take-Out. Hashteroids stars a bottle of ketchup, Centipup replaces the centipede with hush puppies, and Take-Out includes lots of pixelated breakfast food. Unfortunately, the app isn’t universal, so iPad owners will have to play it in the pixel-doubled display.

The original versions of these games, plus 97 more, are collected in a more official capacity in Atari’s Greatest Hits, a free app that lets you play certain games for free, but makes you pay to download the rest in bundles. But that’s the price you have to pay if you want egg-free graphics.

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