Deer Hunter Challenge Hands-On Preview and Video

Deer Hunter 3D and Deer Hunter: African Safari are two of the most popular hunting games on the iPhone, as evidenced by millions of downloads and many times that number of slain virtual deer. As a freemium game, Deer Hunter Challenge will lower the cost of entry so much that just about anyone could bag themselves a grizzly.

The key thing about Deer Hunter Challenge, besides the fact that it’s free, is the ability to customize your hunter’s appearance. It’s not enough to shoot a moose in the head– you have to look the part as well.

Camo, boots, jackets, sunglasses, and caps are all available for purchase with money you earn from completing hunting missions, or as optional paid content. Each level is preceded by a quick view of your personally customized hunter, wearing the latest fall fashions. Guns and gear to improve your aim can also be bought in the game’s virtual store.

Deer Hunter Challenge will launch with two locations: Alaska and Patagonia (South America). Each has local game, like chinchillas in Patagonia, and more locations will be added over time. We assume Africa will eventually make the list.

A snazzy spinning globe has been added to let you choose your location. One other interesting addition are online tournaments, which will let you pit your scores against other hunters.

After that, you’re looking at the exact same tracking, spotting, and shooting gameplay that made the last two Deer Hunter iPhone games a success. Look for Deer Hunter Challenge in the App Store, for free, by the end of the year.

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