Deadlock Hands-On Preview

Crescent Moon, the makers of Aralon and Gears, have just announced that they’re working on a game called Deadlock, an online multiplayer dual-stick shooter. We had a chance to play it at GDC, and even then it was looking quite promising.

Deadlock is kind of like a cuter, dual-stick, isometric version of Counter-Strike. It’s a military shooter that supports up to eight players on a map at a time. Five maps will be included at launch, with more planned in updates. Three gameplay modes will be available: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture & Hold. The game will include tons of weapons, armor, and attachments to unlock, so you’ll feel like you’re making progress as you pump people full of lead.

When we played the game, we were in a map that looked like the outside of a desert military compound, with army vehicles parked all around, giving players plenty of cover to hide behind. The game plays a lot like Minigore, and with so many bullets flying every which way, we racked up a lot of kills and deaths in just a few minutes.

When you die you respawn almost instantly, so the action doesn’t stop until the round ends. The cuter graphics and simpler controls make it feel far less serious than a multiplayer match in a game like N.O.V.A. 2, but in a good way. We’ll be interested to see what they added to the game prior to release.

Deadlock will be available in early June. They haven’t settled on a price yet, but it will be a universal app. Click the thumbnails to the right to see the screenshots in higher resolution.

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