Dead Trigger 2 Hands-On Preview

We met up with Madfinger Games at GDC 2013 and got our hands on an early build of Dead Trigger 2. So far, it looks like fans of the original will feel right at home in the sequel. The game will be free-to-play, and is on track to release this summer.

Dead Trigger 2 sticks close to the template of the original game. The levels will be new, of course, and each one will support a handful of game modes, with each session lasting about five minutes. The chief difference is that the new levels are more expansive, giving players more square footage to play around in.

The level we played looked like a Middle Eastern level from a Modern Warfare game, with dirt roads and a spattering of indoor and outdoor areas. We also got to use a few of the new weapons, like dual-wield Uzis and a knife for melee attacks. Madfinger also expects Dead Trigger 2 to have a longer shelf-life than the original, and plan to release monthly content updates.

Just like the Dead Trigger, the sequel looks amazing. Between the sharp textures and fast gameplay, a casual onlooker could easily mistake it for an Xbox 360 game. The build we played had stand-in enemies from the original, but when it launches, Dead Trigger 2 will have new enemies that look unique and act differently. More enemies will also be able to appear on the screen at once, making gameplay more hectic.

The developers hinted at a few additional features they weren’t willing to expand on yet, like a new optional control scheme that they say is better adapted for touchscreen device. We tried it and liked it quite a bit. The old scheme will still be available for people who feel more at home with the original. They told us that the most requested feature for the original Dead Trigger was a co-op mode, and they have something up their sleeve in that area as well. They’ve also shown off a giant boss enemy, but they wouldn’t say how bosses factored into the game. Look for more information at E3 in June.

So far, Dead Trigger 2 sounds pretty promising, even if it’s not a monumental upgrade over the original. We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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