Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cut the Rope: Time Travel Review

New Cut the Rope games are fairly predictable. Over the past few years we’ve been treated to two full games and numerous content updates that brought nearly the same thing: fun, clever physics puzzles starring one of the cutest iOS mascots ever to grace the touchscreen. Each set of levels includes a new gameplay element or two, but you’re always slicing ropes to feed candy to Om Nom. Cut the Rope: Time Travel sticks to this formula, and that’s just fine with us.

This game has a time traveling theme, so the level packs are based in various historical eras. Om Nom visits six time periods, including Viking times, the Renaissance, the Stone Age, and more. The standard gameplay is fully intact, so you use physics and rope-cutting to move pieces of candy into Om Nom’s mouth. The biggest difference here is that you have two creatures to feed– Om Nom and one of his sweet-toothed ancestors.


As in previous iterations, each level pack introduces at least one new gameplay element. The Viking levels have candy hanging from chains you can’t cut, so you need to guide saw blades through them to free the candy. The Renaissance period introduces a time stopping mechanic, and the Ancient Egypt levels have you affix candy to rockets. All of the new elements are playful and fun, and employed in exceedingly clever ways. Progressing through the levels isn’t very hard, but expect to do some serious brainwork to snatch up all three stars in every level.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel doesn’t mess with the series’ formula, but all the new gameplay elements coalesce to create an experience that feels fresh. You may have done it before, but not quite like this.

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