A Cut the Rope 2 Mystery Begins

Who’s up for solving a mystery? We’ve gotten word from ZeptoLab, the makers of the Cut the Rope series, that Om Nom has gone missing, and a clue to his location is somewhere in the newspaper images below. It’s all just creative marketing for the upcoming Cut the Rope 2 of course, but you might have some fun trying to solve the mystery.

Here’s the e-mail from the ZeptoLab folks:

Cut the Rope 2, the official sequel that will change the Cut the Rope franchise in a huge way, is coming soon! We hope you’re as excited as we are.

However, there’s a HUGE problem…we seem to have misplaced Om Nom and are hoping that you can help us find him! To brief you on the latest, we wanted send you the only source of clues we have — Om Nom’s hometown newspaper, The Sweet Times.

And here are the images. Hit up the comments if you find something. They also sent me a printout of the newspaper and magnifying glass, so the clue is probably small. Click the images to see high-res versions.


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