Curiosity – Here’s What’s Inside the Cube

So? What’s inside the cube already? The answer is “godhood.” After six months and millions of people tapping away at Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube?, the rich, creamy center has been unlocked. The winner, Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh, will be granted divine control over Molyneux’s upcoming god-style video game, Godus.

Henderson, who joined in the game just as the last bits of the cube were flaking away, was informed of his new duties via a congratulatory video featuring Molyneux.

“You will have fame,” said Molyneux. “You will have fortune. And you will have the power to introduce morals into a game.”

Henderson will also have cash. According to Molyneux’s reveal, he will be able to “share in the success” of Godus. Whenever people spend money on the game, Henderson will receive some of the profits.

Godus, which was funded via Kickstarter, will hit PC, Mac, iOS and Android at an undisclosed date. A playable alpha should be coming soon.

As for Henderson, he appears to be a laid-back 18-year-old who’s taking this whole god thing in stride.

[via Polygon]

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