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Cubis Creatures Review

Don’t ever let it be said that stacking blocks is boring. iOS games as of late have surely proven that even the most boring-sounding concept can be jazzed up with some color, humor, and a lot of creativity. Cubis Creatures may just seem like another match-3 game, but it’s a puzzle game in a world of fluffy, adorable creatures that need your help.

The game opens with a quick story of a wizard and his woodland friends. By accident, the wizard has put his four friends to sleep, and it’s now your job to wake them up. The game is divided into four worlds (one for each creature), each of which is filled with 20 puzzles. Interestingly, all of those puzzles takes place on that sleeping creature in some fashion.

Each level has a four-sided game board that’s filled with various types of cubes that you must remove. To remove them, you’re given an endless line of cubes to shoot onto the board. Match three or more cubes of the same color together, and they disappear.

The building blocks of life.

Here’s where the game gets tricky. Of the four sides of the game board, you can only shoot from the two adjacent sides closest to you. The other two sides are where most of the cubes lie. Once you shoot a cube across the board, it will only stop once it hits something– either the end of the board or another cube. If it hits another cube, the momentum will push both of them over one space. This comes in handy if two cubes are on the board with an empty space between them, as you can use a shot to push them together.

Cubis Creatures is not a two-dimensional game. Eventually, you will start playing with stacks of cubes for more of a challenge. These stacks are simple at first, and you can still use momentum to push aside the bottom cube of the tower. However, as the stacks become more complex, hitting a cube could cause a chain reaction of matches, or it could cause a mess of jumbled cubes.

The game also has different types of cubes. The first notable type is the star cube, which is worth more than regular ones, and fills your cube meter more quickly. You will also find stone cubes, which are gray and cannot be removed by matching. Instead, you must use a special laser power-up to blow them to smithereens.

The possibilities are infinite.

If you’ve played a similarly well-made match-3 game, then you know things can become intense very quickly. You are limited to playing from two sides of the board, but you must think three-dimensionally. However, the dimensions of the game can be a hindrance. There is no way to rotate the board, and, in levels with many stacks, it can be difficult to see what cubes are on the bottom when others are on top. At a point in the game, you’re given ramp cubes, which can lift up other cubes. Unfortunately, these are only useful if you know the colors of all cubes in the stack. This doesn’t ruin the game, but it does make it difficult to master.

Cubis Creatures also invites players to battle it out in regular tournaments. In this game mode, all players are challenged to get the highest score possible on a particular level, after which you can see how you compared to other players on a leaderboard. This is a fun and competitive way to create a social network around one game.

Despite a few flaws, Cubis Creatures is a game that puzzling fanatics are sure to enjoy. The friendly creatures might make the game appeal to kids, but younger gamers might find it a bit too challenging. But if you like puzzle games and struggling to achieve a perfect score, Cubis Creatures will keep you entertained for hours.

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Cubis Creatures Free to Download Today

If you’re on the look-out for free games (and who isn’t?), you’ll want to download Cubis Creatures today, since its price has dropped to zero. Cubis Creatures is a great-looking puzzle game that takes the Match-3 concept to a whole new level (and dimension). Read our review, then download this fun li’l game by clicking here.