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Cubemen2 Review

Ready for cubicle warfare? I certainly was when I sat down with Cubemen2. Instead, this is a cube-themed strategy game brimming with charm, depth, and customizable gameplay. Tower defense games are a dime a dozen in the App Store, so it takes a special one to turn heads in this genre. But Cubemen2 provides something that a lot of strategy games can’t seem to capture: fun.

There are a variety gameplay modes to choose from, including Skirmish/Defense, Capture the Flag, and Territory. Skirmish/Defense is your standard tower defense mode in which you defend your base from waves of rival cube men. Capture the Flag is a blast as you scramble your units to defend and snatch the flag from the enemy base. Territory mode is a land grab that requires you to claim territory by marching your units over each map square, and the player with the most land at the end of the round wins.


There is a defense campaign that features 15 stages to get you prepared for more advanced madness. (As of this writing, developer 3 Sprockets has released a major update that includes another defense campaign, tons of bug fixes, and a new Engineer unit). The 15 maps in this mode start with basic creations and lead to massive stages with teleporters and branching pathways. The creative maps vary from claustrophobic to expansive. The best maps I’ve seen so far play with verticality and add a nice strategic depth to the gameplay.

The units at your command are as varied as the maps. You have your standard pistol-wielding grunt, a flamethrower unit, and eagle eyed sniper (to name just a few). Your arsenal also includes a unit that creates walls to block the path of your enemies, and a unit that places mines. There are a lot of ways to succeed in Cubemen2, it’s a real treat to replay levels and try new strategies.


Cubemen2 also features a large set of customization options. Each level can be re-skinned with different colors and themes. You can play the same level and choose to have it look like Tron, the jungle, or even a cityscape. The same goes with your units. Would you like to watch skeletons battles zombies, or how about secret agents battling terminators? Many of these customizations are bonus DLC items, but 3 Sprockets includes several of these skins free with your initial purchase.

The robust multiplayer mode offers nearly endless replayability, with community-created maps (although creation mode seems to reserved for the PC versions only). There is a lot of game here for only $1.99, which makes Cubemen2 a great investment for those looking for a deeper title.

Cubemen2 is a blast to play, has a ton of customization options, and offers a level of replayability that is rarely seen in iOS games.

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