Cubed Rally Racer

Cubed Rally Racer is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cubed Rally Racer Review

Many of the most successful games on the iPhone offer simple concepts that are easy to control. Cubed Rally Racer taps into that ‘casual’ crowd with its concept, while adopting a control scheme that will frustrate those who are not willing to stick with it for some time. If you can make it over this hurdle, however, this game will reward you with limitless entertainment.

Cubed Rally Racer is a game about avoiding obstacles on randomly generated tracks in order to pass the finish line. Things get tricky as tracks become longer, since one mistake can send you smashing into a cow or tumbling off the track and into an endless blue abyss. You also must keep your tank fueled up by collecting red and yellow oil canisters, the latter of which give you a speed bump. Fret not; BP did not supply these.

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The randomly generated levels are a mixed bag in Cubed Rally Racer. On one hand, they allow you to have endless challenges to conquer, making this a game you’ll be playing for some time. Different elements, such as trees, tunnels, and ramps keep each run feeling fresh. The downside is that we often found the courses to be extremely challenging, to the point where it seemed virtually impossible to complete them. Imagine speeding over a wall only to be met by a murky pond inches later.

Controlling your car is where Cubed Rally Racer gets tricky. An accelerator pedal allows you to adjust the speed while left and right buttons turn your car 45 degrees. As simple as this may sound, it takes persistence to grasp the car’s movements so you can quickly get yourself out of any tight situation.

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One of the nice features the developers added was a ghost car. If you retry a course, you’ll be able to see a replay of your previous run. This feature would be even better if the option was added to save a track you enjoyed, so you could try to beat your time at a later point.

Cubed Rally Racer is integrated with OpenFeint, meaning you have your usual slew of leaderboards and achievements. However, the killer feature is friend challenges. It’s a lot of fun to challenge comrades to beat your time on a track. You only have one try to top the score.

As long as you don’t expect to master this game within minutes, Cubed Rally Racer is worth checking out. The unique graphical style and randomly generated levels set this game apart from other, more realistic racers on the App Store.

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