Crytek Calls iPhone a Disservice to Gaming

Once upon a time, people used Crytek titles as a benchmark for graphical excellence, gamers the world over upgrading their PCs just so they could play Far Cry or Crysis.

For some, that’s still very much the case, but the developer itself seems to have come down to earth lately, telling UK trade magazine Develop that the studio is actively looking into mobile development. Sadly, however, working on the iPhone appears to be out of the question.

‘The social and mobile spaces are certainly something we’ve been looking at for a while now. Well, we’ll have to see what time brings, but that’s all I can say right now,’ said Crytek CEO and president Cevat Yerli.

‘I think the App Store changes the perception of game prices, which I really don’t like. It’s pushing out games at such a low price that it distorts the perception of what a game should be priced at,’ he added.

‘iPad and iPhone are both doing a real disservice to game prices by allowing games at such low price points– it is an issue the industry has to address at some point.’

Yerli believes Crytek would only consider offering up an iPhone title if it was short, the suggestion being the company wouldn’t see a return on its investment if it launched a relatively big title on the platform.

‘If you look at someone who now takes a casual interest in games; they can get their iPhone and iPad games for something like $4.99, and that drives down sales on mobile platforms, and that in turn will drive down sales of handhelds, and eventually all this pressure will drive down the prices of full console retail games,’ he concluded.

‘That in turn could put all sorts of pressures on how the games are made. Perhaps in the future, the big retail games will take two hours to complete.’

[via Develop]

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