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Crystal Cave Classic is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Crystal Cave Classic Review

Rake In Grass has currently released three games on the iPhone: Archibald’s Adventures, Westbang, and Crystal Cave Classic. What do these all have in common? They all have received our Must Have rating, and for good reason: Each excels in its specific genre. Here we look at one of the best puzzle games you will find on the platform.

At first glance, one is likely to mistake this game for a Boulder Dash clone. While it definitely takes many of its influences from it, Crystal Cave Classic is not an action game calling for quick reflexes, but a challenging, lengthy puzzler that will test your wits and patience as you inevitably try your hand at levels multiple times before finding the correct solution.

Indiana Jane.

You play as the female equivalent of Indiana Jones, exploring ancient tombs for valuable crystals. However, it is not as easy as just digging tunnels. There are numerous obstacles blocking your way, and the trick is to use these to your advantage. For example, falling boulders should be dropped on crumbling walls to unlock new passageways, jester blocks can be moved anywhere, and poison flasks can rust away metal sealing. These are just some of the challenges you will be faced with. If anything drops on your head, however, it’s game over.

To complete a level, of which there are 170 including the tutorial, you must collect every crystal on the map by running over it. This can be seriously challenging, but ultimately rewarding. With so much content, you are likely to get lost in this gem for hours.

Well this is a pickle.

An in-depth tutorial eases you into the game at an understandable and steady pace. Other developers should take note of Rake In Grass’s excellent approach to teaching the player every nook and cranny of their game in interactive sequences.

The game controls are much like those of Archibald’s Adventures, and they work great. While trying to speed through a level could cause a mistake, these controls allow for slow, careful movements. There isn’t an option to pan around the screen, which would have made planning out puzzles a bit easier and taken away the ‘trial and error’ factor to an extent (you do have a zoom function, though), but ultimately we forgot about it after immersing ourselves in this experience.

We can’t recommend Crystal Cave Classic enough, and urge you to go pick it up from the App Store if you think you’ve got the brain cells to handle it.

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Crystal Cave Classic Hands-On Preview

Remember that classic scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where Indy has to take a “leap of faith” to cross an apparently-invisible chasm? Well, you’ll do that a lot in Crystal Cave Classic, because your Indiana Jane character can apparently hover in midair, while boulders and other objects actually obey the law of gravity.

Once you get past this twisty-physics quirk, you’ll discover a lot of interesting puzzles in Crystal Cave Classic. Like in Boulder Dash (and its much-improved remake), you can move freely in all directions, but boulders only move downward and side to side. A score of special blocks like breakable walls, glass tiles, and vats of acid must be used in just the right combination to collect every gem and beat the level.

There are well over a hundred different levels in Crystal Cave Classic, just like a similar-looking game from Rake in Grass, Archibald’s Adventures. They start off easy, but very quickly become extremely complicated. If you learn all the subtle nuances, like the way boulders will roll off of each other when they fall, it’ll help you proceed. However, you can still take the levels in any order you wish.

We can tell from our nearly-complete version that this is a game puzzle-minded players will really get a kick out of. For more info about this game’s downloadable computer version, check out the official website, and we’ll have a review when the game hits the iPhone within the next month.