Cross game playing between Hatch and Pocket God: Ooga Jump released

An update to the Hatch game released today brings a new way to play with a virtual pet and a new way for games to work together.

In this Hatch update, players can take their virtual pet and play with it in the game Ooga Jump from Bolt Creative (the Pocket God folks). And this isn’t just a little mini-game inside Hatch, it’s taking a virtual pet and moving it the full Ooga Jump game and playing with it there.

It’s interesting in a couple ways. For one it’s an interesting way for multiple games and multiple developers to work together and cross promote. We’ve seen others try bringing characters from one game to another, but this is a whole new level of interaction. It’s also a great use of technologies allowing developers to communicate between apps. Would love to see more of this in the future.

Here’s a short video showing how the two games work together to move a Hatch pet to the Ooga Jump game.

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