Crescent Moon Launches Forest Moon Publishing Label, Lists Several Upcoming Games

Crescent Moon, the studio that developed Ravensword: The Fallen King in 2009, recently started up its own indie publishing label. Said label, ‘Forest Moon,’ has already published the shooter JAM Jets Aliens Missiles, but they have several other clients on their plate.


One upcoming game is Wraithborne, an action-adventure title by Alpha Dog Games that takes place in a dark fantasy world. Humanity has fallen, and magic has returned. The player follows the title character as he learns more about humankind’s looming end.

The combat in Wraithborne is gesture-based. You tap the screen to move, and swipe to attack. You can also utilize special skills and magic (hey, if humanity is going down the chamber pot, you may as well indulge in the force that contributed to our end).

Wraithborne is actually being published by Crescent Moon, and not the Forest Moon label. Look for the game later this Fall.

Hairy Tales

We tend to think of forest sprites as nimble little creatures that are wise beyond humanity’s understanding, but the forest-dwelling ‘Hairys’ are as dumb as posts. You need to help them save their world in Hairy Tales, a tile-based puzzle-platforming hybrid. By swapping tiles and solving puzzles, you guide the Hairys on their journey to fight monsters and save their homeland.

Hairy Tales is developed by Arges Systems and will be available on October 18.

A Wonderland Story

You should know by now what happens to people (and rabbits) that irritate the Queen of Hearts. Hint: the consequences involve your head and an axe. A Wonderland Story, developed by Alchemy Games, is a puzzle-platformer that stars Alice in Wonderland’s white rabbit. You need to move blocks and manipulate enemies in order to help Mr Rabbit complete each level safely. Alice is in hot purist, though, and if she catches Mr Rabbit, she’ll presumably hug him to death. Somehow, the aforementioned axe is preferable.

A Wonderland Story will be available later this month.

Deep War

Deep War by NPC Games is a side-scrolling shooter that takes place after a meteor strike wipes out most of civilization. Humanity’s only hope is to retreat to the ocean and shoot the hell out of everything down there. That includes enemy subs and sharks. Lots of sharks. You can collect meteor fragments to upgrade your own ship. In other words, the thing that destroyed humanity becomes humanity’s currency. It’s poetic, in a way.

Deep War hits the App Store on October 25.

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