Creepy First-Person Shooter The Drowning Announced

DENA and Ngmoco have just announced that they’re working on a first-person shooter called The Drowning. The game, powered by the Unity engine, will be free to play when it’s released early next year. Check out the screenshots and trailer below.

The Drowning takes place in a post-apocalyptic world full of creepy corpse-like creatures. You play as a survivor who has to scavenge to stay alive. The game’s website says you explore environments, collecting parts and crafting them into weapons that you can upgrade as you play. It also says the game will have streamlined touch controls instead of a virtual analog stick. “Tap where you want to shoot, tap where you want to walk, swipe to look and pinch to zoom.”

This isn’t the first game to tout intuitive touch screen controls to move around a 3D world. Horn and Bladeslinger come to mind as recent examples. Both of those games had controls that worked fairly well, but they could be finicky at times. It will be interesting to see how The Drowning addresses the issue, and whether it’s successful.

On the game’s Facebook page, they say that “innovative game mechanics enable friends and strangers to cooperate together to take down powerful enemies, while not requiring that they play together at the same time.” We’re not sure what that means, exactly, but Infinity Blade II has a mode where you and players from around the world cooperate to take down powerful beasts with loads of hit points.

That’s all we know about The Drowning so far. The screenshots are impressive, and the gameplay shown at the end of the trailer looks exciting. Whether that will translate into a good game remains to be seen. The “free to play” aspect might be problematic, but of course we’ll withhold judgement until the game is released early next year.

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