Crazy Waxing

Crazy Waxing is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Crazy Waxing Review

You have to have a strong stomach to play Crazy Waxing. It’s a gross-out game of the highest order, filled with unshaven characters of all shapes and sizes, on whose rogue patches of hair you have to slather wax, apply paper, and yank. But if their unkempt bodies don’t gross you out, their pimples and stitched-up cuts probably will. Your customers’ skin is in bad shape, and if your waxing paper touches one of their blemishes, it rips open, spilling out blood or pus. This game isn’t for everyone.

But if you can get past the massive barf factor, there’s actually a fun puzzle game underneath. Each of the 19 customers in the game needs five parts of their body waxed: their face, chest, legs, hands, and feet. Each body part is one level, and you get a nauseating zoomed-in view of the offending patch of hair. To eliminate the hair, you have several pieces of waxing paper shown at the edge of the screen. These are shaped basically like Tetris pieces.

Are you near a toilet or a trash can?

Tapping a piece of paper brings it onscreen, where you can drag it around and turn it however you’d like. Once you have the paper where you want it, you double-tap it to apply the wax, and swipe it to yank out the hair. The controls work satisfactorily, although they don’t feel quite as responsive as they could when turning and double-tapping the pieces.

The goal, of course, is to remove all of the hair by puzzling out where to place each piece of waxing paper. But it’s not easy, because you never get more paper than you absolutely need, and you’re under a pretty tight time limit to get the job done. Once you finish a level, you’re given up to three stars based on how much of the hair you waxed. The judging is pretty tough, so if you missed a section you’ll often have to start over.

Sorry about the bloody gash…

To up the difficulty as you progress, customers come in with thicker patches of hair that require more than one yank to pull out. It would be nice if they found additional ways to add difficulty, because by the 95th level the exhilaration of waxing bodies is pretty much gone. But despite all that, the gameplay is strangely addictive, and although you’ll fail often, it’s usually only by fractions of a second.

But most people who are past the stage in childhood where grossness is endlessly fascinating will have a hard time overlooking the pus, blood, and unsightly body hair Crazy Waxing centers around. If you can overlook it, however, it just might be worth your time. On the other hand, if you have a child who can’t get enough of bugs and boogers, this game should scratch that itch. At least here the grossness stays behind a touchscreen.

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