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Crazy Tanks is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Crazy Tanks Review

Bootant’s Crazy Tanks packs a heck of a punch for a 99 cent game. It’s got great-looking graphics, fast action, and easily accessible gameplay that anyone over the age of six can quickly master. While it’s not a game that will keep your entertained for hours on end, Crazy Tanks is a great choice for short play sessions.

In Crazy Tanks, you’re tooling around in a cartoony green tank with a big Allied star on the side, picking up powerups and blasting enemy armor (colored red). Highly responsive tilt controls handle the tank’s rotation and movement, and tapping the screen shoots your turret straight ahead–no strafing allowed here. A radar in the lower right-hand corner of the screen points out the locations of enemy tanks and turrets, as well as health boosts and powerups. The object is simply to clear as many levels as you can before losing all of your lives.

For a 99 cent indie game, Crazy Tanks’ production values are, well, crazy. There is some impressive technical stuff going on here that gives the game a little more oomph than your typical App Store outing. The frame rate is as smooth as silk, the environments are both diverse and richly textured, and the 3D models are highly detailed. The sound effects are fine, and you can supply your own tunes as desired.

This is a super-casual game, so you shouldn’t expect complex strategies from your enemies, even on the hardest difficulty setting. They pretty much just make a beeline for you and try to overwhelm you with cannon fire; we found guerrilla warfare and hasty retreats to be the most effective strategy. You can pick up stuff like a three-way shot and a shield to temporarily make your tank more powerful, but this stuff isn’t very creative or useful–the health packs are what will actually keep you alive, when all is said and done.

If Crazy Tanks did just a little more with its gameplay, it would probably receive Must Have status… but it’s still a great 99 cent purchase as-is. It’ll quench your thirst for action and keep your grade schooler busy–for a little while, at least.

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