Crazy Choppers

Crazy Choppers is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Crazy Choppers Review

Anyone who has been into an arcade has probably seen some version of a chopper shooting game. A great deal of those people have played it. And most of those have become addicted to it, at least for a time, until their three initials are posted on the screen. Well, Crazy Choppers is a new game in this classic genre, made especially for the iDevice.

Crazy Choppers is a 3D chopper shooting game in which you must pilot your helicopter through five different locations, fighting numerous enemies. While it isn’t a requirement, we do think it’s a bit odd that you travel to different locations on a map of the world while never knowing who you are fighting or what you are fighting for. What you do know is that you have an endless amount of machine gun ammo, and a radar with red dots. Obey it.

Crazy Choppers uses the accelerometer quite well for all of the heli’s movement, which makes the flying experience enjoyable. The chopper’s missiles, guns, armor, and fuel tank can all be upgraded, but there remains only one chopper, making us think the game’s name should be in the singular. You can also buy its missiles for $2 each, making us desperately hope that the shops in this game have no real-world equivalent.

These shops are the bases as well, and they’re scattered around the maps, full of instant-mechanics who will repair and refuel you in a second, free of charge. Also, they’re invisible. Actually, we just made them up to explain the power of these helipad bases.

Don’t ask questions, just take out all the red dots.

The different stages are placed all over the world, from Africa to the North Pole. The landscapes are mostly unimaginative, scattered only with trees, dwellings, and the occasional lake. The enemies range from tanks to towers to choppers, all pretty standard. But then, the final location suddenly splashes humor into the game by thrusting you into a world of snowmen, candy canes, and other wintry wonders. It even has flying pigs, which was strange, and all of it really just begged for an outlandishly silly story.

The game is addicting in the same manner of the chopper shooters of old, but this is a unique member of the genre. Each map has a smattering of enemies, boxes of money, and the most adorable POWs you’ve ever seen (think bearded Legos). However, there are no bosses or climactic moments to any of the stages, leaving us feeling a bit empty after each level. There’s also no music, which would be a welcome addition. But perhaps most disappointing is the complete lack of online or local leaderboards, which seem integral to our concept of chopper shooters.

Crazy Choppers is an enjoyable 3D chopper shooter, combining retro ideas with the iDevice’s capabilities, but it still has some potential. Its achievement page is a perfect example of this, since it’s like a leaderboard, but too scaled down. We still had fun, though, and recommend you check it out if you like this type of game.

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