Crazy Chicken: Pirates Hands-On Preview

One of the more interesting little gems I saw at E3 was from Polish developer Teyon Games. Crazy Chicken: Pirates is a casual iOS game that draws upon the Moorhhuhn universe, which is very popular Germany. The distinct visual style of the game is eye-catching, but the gameplay offers an interesting fusion of Where’s Waldo and Duck Hunt. Crazy combination, right? I thought so too.

Crazy Chicken: Pirates looks and sounds insanely cute, without being nauseating. Set on a beach with lots of pirate visual references, the game is brimming with personality and powered by smooth animation. The gameplay revolves around shooting down chickens and finding hidden artifacts in the scene, all while fighting a timer.


Whether you are finding pirate flags, diamonds, or coins, the pace of the action is very fast. What makes finding objects difficult is the sheer volume of chickens flying around, shooting cannon balls, rowing boats, and other incidental tasks that make it hard to keep up with everything.

I played around in the game’s three modes: Classic, Arcade, and Defense. Of the three, Defense is likely where you’ll spend the most time. Essentially you have to down all flying chickens before they get to the other side of the screen. Things start out easy enough, but within a few minutes the screen is covered in chickens pushing the limits of your reflexes.

The game includes the typical Game Center integration for leaderboards and achievements. One concern was the lack of multi-touch. Crazy Chicken: Pirates only registers one touch at a time, a limitation that seems silly considering all iOS devices support multi-touch. Crazy Chicken: Pirates is coming this summer, and it’s shaping up to be a slick little game that has lots of charm.

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