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Cover Orange HD iPad Review

Everyone’s played at least one tower defense game, and many have enjoyed Plants vs Zombies’ flower defense. But now, the ingenious Cover Orange HD brings a new kind of genre to the iPad: shower defense.

In Cover Orange HD, based on a popular Flash game, you must protect delicate, smiley-faced oranges from the coming acid rain. You’re given a few objects to drop into each scene, and must guide the oranges to a place where they can have a roof over their heads. If they’re touched by even one drop of acid rain, they’ll shrivel up and rot.

The objects you drop react with realistic physics, from rolling wheels to sturdy crates. It only takes a few levels before you can reliably predict how each object will move– an extremely important feature of a great physics puzzler.

Make it rain.

In addition, Cover Orange HD has the excellent animation we’ve come to expect from developer FDG. Your oranges will cower and pray as each storm passes, and they’ll express relief when they’re safe. They also have horrible, gut-wrenching death animations, and as they waste away you’ve got nobody else to blame but yourself.

Cover Orange HD contains 80 levels for now, and those will take you a good two to three hours to complete. Sometimes your goal is pretty clear, since you’re usually given just a few objects to drop, and small markings will provide clues as to where they go. For example, wooden crates tend to go in crate-shaped holes, with small pegs to keep them locked into place.

Build your own buggy.

Cover Orange HD uses Game Center high scores, but we didn’t think the high score counter in this game was essential. Your score is based on your time spent on each level, but we had fun just solving each puzzle at our own pace.

We were soundly impressed by the level design, animation, and creativity of Cover Orange HD. It’s a Must Have game for the iPad, especially if you love other great physics puzzlers like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope.

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    New App A Day: Cover Orange HD

    We love physics puzzle games, which is why Angry Birds and Cut The Rope have earned themselves a permanent place on our iDevices. But there are no many knockoffs that sometimes we wonder if we’ll ever see an original concept again. Fortunately, Cover Orange HD got the creative juices flowing.

    In this iPad puzzler, you have to drop objects like barrels and wheels into a scene, knocking around a delicate orange so it can be sheltered. After all your objects are dropped, an acid rain cloud will pelt the area with poison, so you’d better make sure you’ve got a roof over your orange.

    The animation in Cover Orange HD is adorable, and we’d expect nothing less from FDG, the makers of games like Across Age, Beyond Ynth, and Parachute Panic. Your oranges will cower and pray while the storm is passing overhead, and if they’re struck by a poison pellet, they’ll shrivel up and turn black.

    From our time with the first twenty levels, we can tell that Cover Orange HD is something really special. We’d recommend a buy, but if you want to try it out on your computer, a simple Flash version is available for free online.