Cover Orange Free to Download This Weekend

Monsters Ate My Condo is temporarily free to download, as is Whale Trail. The free games train is rolling along so smoothly, it seems like a shame to stop it. So, heck, let’s keep it going! Earlier today, FDG Entertainment announced that its top-notch puzzle game, Cover Orange, is free for this weekend, too. Save the oranges! It won’t cost you a thing.

In Cover Orange, you make objects interact with each other to provide sentient oranges with enough shelter to protect them from acid rain. Let’s hope you succeed. You ever watch happy, trusting oranges get melted down into a puddle of pulpy goo? It ain’t pretty.

The iPad version of Cover Orange, Cover Orange HD, is also 50% off this weekend. You can nab it for $.99, down from $1.99. Read our review of Cover Orange HD here, or grab the free version of Cover Orange from the App Store.

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