Cover Orange 2

Cover Orange 2 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cover Orange 2 Review

If you’re asking yourself what you do in a game called “Cover Orange,” rest assured you can take the title quite literally. This sequel is a unique puzzler, very much like the original, in which an evil cloud of acid rain is after some friendly oranges. You must figure out a way to cover the oranges up to protect them. In this new installment, the oranges are now travelling across the globe and throughout time, avoiding the dangerous acid rain in different periods of history.

For newcomers, Cover Orange 2 starts out slow. Each level consists of several platforms or walls, and you are given just a few more pieces to create shelter. The extra pieces are assigned to you by the game, and you must figure out how they fit. You can tap and drag them across the level, dropping them into the puzzle once you think you’ve found the perfect spot. In this line of items you’ll also find the orange. Once all the pieces are dropped in place, the acid rain cloud will wash across the level to see if you’ve cleverly hidden the fruit from harm.

At first, it’s easy to figure out the puzzle. For example, you might see a platform with another platform over it. You could drop the triangle piece you are given to use it as a ramp, and then drop the orange on the ramp, rolling it to safety.

However, the difficulty ramps up steadily throughout the levels. You’ll find most levels to be like a Rube Goldberg machine, only missing a piece here and there. It may take several tries, but you will eventually figure out how to get the orange to safety. In some levels, you have multiple oranges to find shelter for, and you can’t complete the level unless all oranges escape the acid rain.

You are rated on each level with a three-star system. You gain one star for completing the level, and a second for completing it within a specified time span. The third star is a clever little add-on. In each level, there are several animal friends clutching to platforms. While the acid rain is pouring across the level, one of these animal friends will quietly hold up a star. If you tap on it, you gain the third star. You will want to earn as many stars as possible, since these are your currency for unlocking the next world of levels.

As much as I enjoyed the game, I only wished the graphics looked better. Everything is drawn in a cartoon style, giving the world of Cover Orange a bright, colorful look. Despite the cutesy atmosphere, the game seems a little behind the times. The gameplay definitely makes up for the graphical shortcomings, but a unique art style would certainly push it over the top.

Cover Orange 2 doesn’t add a whole lot of new mechanics when compared the first iteration, but the pile of new content it delivers is sure to appeal to everyone. Physics puzzlers seem to have found a home on touch screen devices, and Cover Orange 2 is a great addition to the family. The appearance of the game won’t win it any awards, but the puzzles will keep you playing for a while.

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