Contre Jour Hands-On Preview and Video

Chillingo’s been on a real roll lately. They recently announced that their games have been downloaded 140 million times, and one of their recent titles, Feed Me Oil, just hit #1 on the App Store. If we had to guess, we’d predict Contre Jour could be their next best-seller.

The name Contre Jour comes from a French phrase that means “against daylight”, or silhouettes. It’s a style of photography where the sunlight causes objects in the foreground to look completely dark. As you can see from the screenshots, this also describes Contre Jour’s elegant visual style.

The game itself consists of a variety of levels where you have to guide your rolling eyeball, Petit, to the exit. Instead of controlling Petit directly, you can raise and lower the terrain to make slopes that will send Petit in the right direction. In addition, Petit can hold on to tentacles, Cut The Rope-style, which you can remove by tapping on them.

We liked some of the living obstacles on each level, like a toothy plant that will devour you if you roll too close. We’re also told that the game is intended to be a tribute to the classic children’s story The Little Prince, but we didn’t see the influence too much, except for the small planetoids that make up each of the three worlds.

Contre Jour, from our time playing it at E3, seems like the complete package. It has challenging physics-based puzzles, a unique gameplay hook, beautiful graphics, and an eerie soundtrack. Keep a gigantic, rolling eyeball out for this game when it hits the App Store in July.

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