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Contract Killer: Zombies Review

Are a good concept and stellar graphics enough? That’s the question raised by Glu’s newest game, Contract Killer: Zombies, the second in the Contract Killer franchise. While the first game was based in a world of espionage, crime, and sniper rifles, this newest installment takes the same concept but throws it into the all-too-familiar world of the zombie-ridden apocalyptic wasteland. While the gameplay is fun and you’re often amazed at how well the game looks, you might question if there is enough here.

The concept of Contract Killer: Zombies is simple. You play as Shooter, an aptly-named loner who picks up the sweet girl next door. Together, you scavenge for supplies and rescue stranded survivors looking for a way out. Shooter, however, is in a wheelchair, so during each level while someone runs around collecting food or running to a helicopter, you are positioned to shoot any incoming zombies and must remain there the entirety of the level.

Please don’t ding the forklift. It’s new.

Concract Killer: Zombies makes excellent use of the touch screen. You use one finger to adjust the view, scoping out any undead walkers. There are three buttons on the screen: one fires your weapon, one zooms in, and the other allows you to switch between weapons. The screen is clutter-free, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

No good zombie shooter is complete without its arsenal of boom sticks. Shooter can carry two weapons: one large and one small firearm. You have your choice of various revolvers, shotguns, or automatic weapons, but each will cost you. Completing levels earns you in-game moolah, or you can pay out of your own pocket to get Shooter that gattling gun he’s always wanted.

The problem arises once you’ve played an assortment of levels and learned the ropes. Levels begin to repeat, and the sweet sound of a zombie’s skull cracking in half can only keep you playing for so long. You might grow weary of these tasks, unless you’re a zombie-shooting fanatic.

A fine mist.

This game really shines, though, when it comes to the production values. The graphics will wow you from the moment you open the app. The environments look wonderful. The city map looks amazing, and even little graphics that fly by your screen will have you in awe.

There’s also a good deal of voice-over in this game, mostly from Shooter. The dialogue isn’t wooden, like you might expect from other mobile games, and the voice work is clear and movie-quality. There isn’t a whole lot of story development in this game, but Shooter’s monologues give you an idea of this grizzly world.

It’s easy to see that Contract Killer: Zombies could be one of those games you keep on your phone and play from time to time. When you’re loving it, you’re loving it, but those times can fade quickly. The game does inform you that Glu plans on delivering regular updates, which means some variety might be introduced later. Even without the updates, it’s a free game with graphics better than most paid games. It’s a bloody step above the rest.

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