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Coin Push Frenzy is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Coin Push Frenzy Review

If you’ve ever been in an arcade, you’ve probably seen those enticing-looking coin push machines. They beckon you to put in a few token or quarters, because it appears the slightest nudge will send a cascade of coins off the edge. Coin Push Frenzy is a great virtual version of this game, but it’s got some issues we find more frustrating than fun.

Coin Push Frenzy is a free download, and you’ll start with 50 coins to drop into the first machine. The goal is to knock more coins and prizes off the front of the machine, but not the sides. You can also buy extra buckets of coins, but we think they’re expensive and unnecessary. If you’re willing to wait, you can earn more coins for free– one every 30 seconds if the app is open, and one every three minutes if your iDevice is locked.

Monster cash.

A significant launch bug prevents you from earning coins if the app is closed, which we found to be very frustrating. Freeverse advised us to restart our iDevice or sign out and back into Plus+ to fix the problem, but this didn’t work for us. They also said a proper patch is coming soon, and it’s a good thing, too: We hated having our phones held hostage to Coin Push Frenzy.

With enough coins, you can earn prizes that will adorn your virtual shelves, and a few that will unlock the other two coin push machines. There are also bonus coins which have wacky effects like temporarily turning off gravity. The best bonus coin we found raises walls on the sides of the drop area, so that all your coins and bonuses can be collected rather easily.

Like in Skee-Ball, you can deck out your virtual shelves with prizes that are more for show than anything else. Most of the time, you’ll be hoping to unlock the two other coin push machines. However, we thought the two extra machines were a big letdown, since they play exactly the same and offer only a new visual theme.

Note: Without paying real money, you will never have this many coins.

We also didn’t care for some of the physics in the game. The coins on the bottom of the machine move naturally, but coins that fall on top tend to slide around like pucks on an air hockey table. Also, prizes and bonus coins will constantly fall from above, only to immediately fall off the side into the abyss.

Despite its incredible simplicity, Coin Push Frenzy can be pretty fun. If you’ve got a full bucket of coins to drop, watching the coins slide around inside the machine is strangely hypnotic. You’ll always be compelled to make one more drop to knock over a prize or bonus coin.

The biggest problem with Coin Push Frenzy right now is the bug that forces you to keep the app open to earn more coins, but if that’s fixed soon, we’ll be able to recommend downloading it. As long as you don’t drop real-world money on some extra coins, Coin Push Frenzy is easy, mindless entertainment.

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