Coin Drop! Hands-On Preview

Since it came out for PCs and Macs over four years ago, no game has quite managed to replicate the success of Peggle. That physics-based puzzle game is one of a kind, but now Full Fat, the developer of Zombie Flick and Flick Golf, has their own unique take on the concept with the upcoming Coin Drop!

Coin Drop! uses the simple coin-dropping mechanics of arcade games like Coin Push Frenzy and Coin Dozer Pro, but it also resembles Peggle. Instead of shooting, you just drop coins into each brightly colored, hyperactive environment, and hope that your timing and precision will guide your coins to all the right spots.

You can tap anywhere on the top of the screen to drop up to five coins at a time, and then you get to sit back and watch the physics engine take over. The coins will bounce off of pegs, turning them different colors and earning you points. You’ll also be able to pick up “bad pennies”, the tough-looking blue coins who are worth a lot of points as well.

There are a lot more opportunities for points in later levels, as pink “girl coins” need to be rescued by breaking bricks. While we enjoyed the underwater, outer space, and jungle-themed levels that we played, some of the pegs seem to be placed in hard-to-reach places, making it extra difficult to tag every peg on the board for a reward.

In addition to the cheery music and visuals, Coin Drop! is all about getting a high score on each level, with a 1-3 star ranking for hitting certain scores. Stars are also used to unlock new environments, and to personalize your coins with some clever variations. Our favorites include coins wearing fancy top hats and an Indiana Jones explorer coin, complete with stubble.

Coin Drop! is one of the best games we’ve played so far from Full Fat, and with a growing fanbase from their success with Flick Golf, we expect Coin Drop! to be a big hit. Consider dropping some coin on this game when it hits the App Store on April 23.

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