Clowning-Around is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Clowning-Around Review

Provided you don’t suffer from coulrophobia, an extreme fear of clowns, Clowning-Around is a fun physics puzzle game in the style of Cut The Rope. While it’s not as polished as Om Nom’s candy-coated game, Clowning-Around does provide lots of perplexing puzzles for a good price.

In Clowning-Around, you play as a circus ringmaster guiding tumbling clowns into barrels of water. Clowns can only go in barrels marked with their own color. If you splash down all the clowns into the right barrels, you’ll receive points based on your total time and number of retries, then move on to the next stage.

Send in the clowns.

You set these events in motion by clipping the chains that the clowns are hanging from with a quick swipe on the screen. Based on the correct timing of your cuts, the clowns will roll into cannons, magic hats, and moving platforms. While the physics are generally reliable, occasionally we’d see unpredictable behavior from the clowns and other objects in the environment.

Clowning-Around offers plenty of levels for just a dollar. The 75 levels will keep you entertained for well over an hour, but there’s no star-based system like in Cut The Rope or Angry Birds to keep you retrying for a better score. Instead, you have timed and arcade modes, which let you replay the levels as fast or as accurately as possible. There are also no online high scores, but they are promised in a future update.

Even without online high scores, Clowning-Around is a very fun physics game. It reminds us of some of the recent low-profile puzzlers like Save Toshi and Cover Orange, which may not be as polished as Cut The Rope, but still offer a variety of captivating puzzles for a low price. Pick it up– it might put a smile on your face.

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