Cloud Saves Come to Select Rovio Games with Rovio Accounts

Imagine: You’re at home burning through a game of Angry Birds on your iPad. Then you have to put the game down and go to the bank, because you’re an adult and you occasionally need to do dull adult things. No more Angry Birds until you get back, right? Wrong. With Rovio Accounts, you can save game progress to the cloud and resume play while you’re out.

You can make an account for each Rovio game you play. Game data is then stored to that account, which lets you pick up and play on other devices.

Note that at the time of this writing, the only games supported by Rovio Accounts are The Croods and Angry Birds—and the latter is only supported in Finland and Poland. Rovio has plans to expand coverage across different games and territories, however, so hang on to your feathers.

[Rovio via Gamezebo]

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