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Civilization Revolution for iPad Review

When we last reviewed Civilization Revolution, we thought it was a streamlined yet slightly glitchy world-conquering sim game that felt pretty good on Apple’s handheld iDevice. Now a new, plus-sized version has been released for the iPad, and it’s big enough to give the original version a Napoleon complex.

What was really impressive about the iPhone version of Civilization Revolution was the way it streamlined the Civilization gameplay mechanics, which have become increasingly complex over the years, and made it into a more tightly focused series of gameplay decisions. Instead of agonizing over raising taxes or placing peasants on the right plots of land, you can focus on the big-picture decisions– namely, who to war with, and whether to emphasize your civilization’s culture, military, economy, or technology.

Stay away from Pompeii.

The maps are still tiny, especially when viewed on the iPad’s nice big screen, and this can lead to some run-ins with the neighboring civilizations early on. You still can’t customize the type of map you play on, which was a complaint we had with the last game as well. Fortunately, the glitches that plagued us in the last game, like slowdown and sudden crashes, seem to be gone.

Civilization Revolution for iPad sports huge, gorgeous graphics that really show off the iPad’s screen. Characters like the barbarians you conquer and leaders from other civilizations look incredibly vibrant and detailed. However, battle animations are fought in a tiny, postage-stamp sized square in the middle, which is obviously a holdover from the iPhone version and looks distractingly out of place.

Montezuma’s revenge.

Another problem with the game is the difficulty level, but this is adjustable so that you can find the level of competition that suits your ability. While the main Civ series starts out tough even on the lowest levels, try dialing it up a few notches if you’ve ever played a Civ game before. Otherwise, you’ll flatten those other civilizations without much of a challenge.

Few games let you grow from the Stone Age to the Atomic Age, and it’s a real pleasure to rewrite history as you see fit. Civilization Revolution is a great launch title for the iPad, and it’s worth owning even if you already have the iPhone version.

Editor’s Note: This review covers the content exclusive to the iPad version of this game. For the full game review, click here.

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