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Civiballs Review

Civiballs is a game with a ridiculous name and a great concept. There’s some semblance of a story here, involving a young scientist and his monkey-dog companion travelling through time to three distinct eras: Roman, Viking, and Incan. You must help them collect valuable jewels, because, well, they’re valuable. Silliness aside, this game will draw you in almost instantly. Its intricate puzzles always introduce a new element and its simplicity will fool you.

The basics of each level are pretty simple to grasp. Each level consists of various ramps, walls, pulleys, cannons, and other obstacles, all of which are preventing you from sending a colored ball into its corresponding colored vase. Normally, a level will have several balls of different colors. If you send the green ball into the red vase, it’s game over and you have to start again.


While the goal seems simple, achieving it is far from easy. Usually, there are gray-colored balls, which have no vase. These are often used to set off a chain of events, ending with the right ball in the right vase. To release each ball, you must cut it from its chain by swiping across the chain with your finger. Some balls will have two chains, so if you cut one, you can cause the ball to swing towards the correct path.

Some levels contain cannons and crossbows that allow you to launch your ball across the level. There are even battering rams and moving platforms, which will require you to learn via trial and error. There are no instructions here. It is simply up to you to decide how each level will play out.

Balls, balls, everywhere.

It is also important for you to try to collect as many jewels as possible. There are two in each level, and collecting them will unlock bonus levels. Some are easy to collect, while others will require quick thinking. Civiballs has a nice balance between planning and quick skills, so you will need a bit of both to succeed. If you can acquire all 120 jewels in the game, you will unlock bonus levels to continue your Civiballs journey.

Your most important resource is your inventory of skips, which allow you to move past a level without completing it. If you don’t finish the final level in each time era, however, you can’t move forward to the next. You also need to be careful, because skips are not easy to earn. However, if you really want a skip but you don’t have the skills, you can buy an unlimited bounty of skips for 99 cents.

Civiballs is a wonderful puzzle game for casual gamers. You might fly through it more quickly than you would like, but there will always be that one or two levels you skipped that will haunt your gaming dreams. The game has remarkable charm and silly humor, and will keep you coming back for more.

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