Circuit Strike.One First Look

iPhone developer h.grenade (apparently short for “Hallucinogen Grenade”) likes to say that it makes “casual games for hard-core gamers.” Its upcoming iPhone shooter Circuit Strike.One epitomizes that ideal, judging by the hot-looking trailer the company released a few days ago.

Touch Arcade scored some additional details on Circuit Strike.One. The game’s set in a computer network, so you’re hacking nano-scale nodes instead of introducing enemy space fighters to vacuum–hence the game’s impressive cyberspace motif.

The feature list indicates that Circuit Strike.One is also an audiovisual shooter along the lines of Rez and Radio Flare, meaning that the music and sound effects change in time with your play. Tunes will be provided by DJ Vitamin Devo.

We don’t know about you, but we’re pretty excited to see Circuit Strike.One live. Indications are that the game is just about ready for submission, so hopefully it’ll hit the App Store soon.

[from Touch Arcade]

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