‘ChronoBlade’ Announced, from Diablo 2 Designer

Stieg Hedlund, the designer of Diablo II, has a new game in the works for iOS, Android, browsers, and Ouya. The title, called ChronoBlade, is an action-RPG that takes place in a sprawling multiverse. Watch the trailer below.

Hedlund isn’t the sole recognizable name behind the project. ChronoBlade is being put together by NWay, a studio that belongs to Tony Hartman (former president of Realtime Worlds) and Dave Jones (the creator of Grand Theft Auto). We should all be in for one heck of a hackin’ and slashin’ good time as a consequence.

The action in ChronoBlade spans across different times and universes. At one point you may inhabit a steampunk world, and in the next, you may travel across a medieval-style land.

A demo of ChronoBlade should be available on Ouya next week, and an open beta of the browser version should launch later in June.

[via Joystiq]

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