Christmas Neon

Christmas Neon is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Christmas Neon Review

If you want a puzzle game that doesn’t require too much thinking, Christmas Neon is a very good choice.

Your job is to connect the negative outlets on the right to the positive outlets on the left. This is done by moving the different shaped neon lights in between the terminals. When you make a connection, the set of neon lights are removed, and new ones fall in. The thing is, not all lights are straight. Some are 90 degree curves and some are 3 way splits, so it really can get tricky to get a route from one side to the other. Once you make a certain number of connections, you advance to the next level. With each new level, you get new types of Neon lights.

We found the controls were very easy–you simply tap a neon light to rotate it. If you get stuck, just hold down on one of the lights to delete it. The graphics are very bright and colorful, as you’d expect from a game which is based on neon lights! And the falling snowflakes in the background are a nice touch. We’ve found that all the elements of the game fit with each other thematically. For instance, the score display is similar to those found in stadiums, and it looks like a natural extension of what’s happening on the board. Meanwhile, the sound is brilliant. Each time you touch a neon light, it plays a piano note, so with a bit of skill you can plan out a little melody. Then when you make a connection, the game plays the notes back to you.

Christmas Neon is a great game that, despite its name, can be enjoyed all year round. And for 99 cents, it’s an absolute steal.

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