Chop Sushi! HD - Small Sushi Big Screen

Chop Sushi! HD - Small Sushi Big Screen is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Chop Sushi! HD iPad Review

Before their team was liquidated in what we can only imagine was a giant blender or grape press, the developer Universomo put their unique stamp on a number of iPhone games published by THQ Wireless. One of these was Chop Sushi!, a bizarre but beautiful Match-3 game that rolled up creative art and gameplay like so much rice and seaweed.

In Chop Sushi! HD you play as Master Chef, a fish-like sushi chef who travels the world (and beyond) to exorcise people of their demons using a Match-3 game. In the main adventure mode, you simply move to the right to find new people to cure, like a disaffected businessman or nervous werewolf. Each encounter takes place one right after the other, and while a more open world would have been intriguing, the linear nature of the adventure keeps things on a tight track.

A moonlight stroll through the swamp.

When you buckle down to fight the demons, a game board filled with delicious sushi pieces will appear. You can grab any piece and move it to the outermost edge of the board, but only if it will create a match when you slide all the pieces together. It’s far more complex than a simple swap like in Bejeweled or Puzzle Quest, so even Match-3 experts will be tested by this novel mechanic.

Your goal is to beat the demons by matching spicy wasabi, but you can also match blowfish for bonus experience points or little sardines for spending cash. Cash, measured in pounds of fish, will let you unlock special attacks or traps for use in battle. You can also buy standalone puzzles that will earn you more experience points if you solve them.

The dangers of preparing raw fish.

The level of depth and complexity in Chop Sushi! HD goes far beyond most Match-3 games on the App Store, and the gorgeous high-resolution graphics are incredibly appetizing. We can’t tell you how often playing this game made our mouths water for Japanese food. With its humor and wonderful style, Chop Sushi! HD is a definite Must Have for the iPad.

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