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Chimpact Review

Peggle proved that gamers love to strategically aim and fling things around the screen, collecting various objects and avoiding environmental hazards. Chimpact takes this concept and applies it to an objective-based format and uses more interactive, maze-like environments to force players to think and rethink before sending their chimp friend hurtling towards bananas, diamonds, and spiders.

The goal is Chimpact is simple: collect the diamonds hidden throughout the jungle. However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. The diamonds aren’t in plain sight, and each level has branching pathways that can lead you away from your goal. Each level also has five hidden diamonds, many of which you’ll need to find in order to unlock further levels.

Getting around the jungle isn’t that easy, but as luck would have it, trampoline-like leaves have been strung across each level, and your ape hero can spring himself off of these to catapult upwards. By tapping on your chimp and pulling down, a directional arrow appears to help you aim. You’ll need to consider how powerful each launch will be, as well as the environmental objects your chimp will encounter. You’ll need to plan around protruding branches or walls to bounce off of. Sometimes, the environment will surprise you, opening up new pathways once you bounce into them.

Someone call John Goodman.

While Gem Quest is the primary mode of play, you can also choose Totem Trail, which pits your catapulting skills against a series of time and objective-based challenges. Each mode has three worlds made up of twelve levels apiece. The gameplay doesn’t vary much as the game progresses. Sure, you’re going to run into new obstacles, like spiky spiders who steal your bananas, but it doesn’t do much to keep your interest.

The graphics of Chimpact may be the real appeal. These are gorgeous 3D environments that you may want to stop and take a gander at from time to time. The characters, from the chimp family to the evil jungle animals, are wonderfully animated and full of style.

Chimpact uses an interesting system of buying power-ups that can aid you in your quest. Every day or so, the game will alert you that you’ve earned more bananas. Aside from earning these sporadically, you also find them littered throughout the levels. Bananas can be used to buy various items or new chimps. If you’re impatient, you can spend real money on items as well, and you even have the option to unlock all levels for a price.

Chimpact isn’t a show stealer, but it is a great mobile game for gamers on the go. Its level design is short and sweet, and it’s a game that begs for multiple playthroughs to find all those hidden gems. It may get boring or frustrating, at times, but it’s a great-looking game that’s fun in small doses.

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