Taxi Fight!

Taxi Fight! is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Taxi Fight

Have you ever dreamed of driving around the city picking up old folks and fat people? If you answered “yes” then Taxi Fight is not just a game, it’s an investment in your future. An education, if you will.

In Taxi Fight, players control a few blocks of streets filled with customers desperate to catch a cab. Tapping those customers allows you to direct their movements as you attempt to get them to a taxi while trying to keep them from getting squashed into red paste by passing autos.

What plays out is essentially a mash-up of Flight Control and Frogger, and while it’s a very solid, capable game, there’s nothing here that you haven’t seen before. This is a pretty standard, “tell-the-things-where-you-want-them-to-go-but-WHOA!-don’t-let-them-touch-each-other” type of game.

Like Frogger with people.

The key to enjoying this game is to pay attention to the little details. The little characters you try to get into the cabs are all memorable and interesting. That’s not to say that you’ll be taking interest in their little lives, but each class of passenger is unique. They’re not just palette swaps like in so many other games.

The thin, shy office worker is the easiest to deal with. He’s thin so he doesn’t get hit by cars as easily, and since he’s generally timid, he doesn’t get angry when he doesn’t get a ride right away. Soon though you’ll start having to deal with slow, wide people, who while mild-mannered, are very easy targets for speeding cars. Not to mentioned the hot-tempered old man.

This is good, cheap fun for $.99, but is a little innovation too much to ask for?

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