Super Yum Yum Retro

Super Yum Yum Retro is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Super Yum Yum Retro

In Super Yum Yum Retro, you play the role of Leon the Chameleon, guiding him in his quest to recover his children, who he lost in no small part due to his terrible parenting. Super Yum Yum Retro is an iDevice adaptation of Leon’s second adventure, in which the same plot occurs, so it doesn’t really provide any more history or answers about him (for example, why does Leon have custody of these kids?).

There are four worlds with several puzzles in each, all based around guiding Leon and his tongue through a maze of fruit. Hidden among the puzzles and nutrition are Leon’s obedient children, who he must save from peril.

Mmm, crabmeat and fruit cocktail!

If you’ve played Super Yum Yum 3, this will all sound very familiar to you, and that is because it is essentially the same. SYY Retro has much more blocky graphics than #3, but that does fit in with its Retro theme. Both share the same, identical playful character and enjoyable puzzling.

Overall, it seems to us that Retro is kind of a step between SYY3 Lite and SYY3. Well, we would say that if SYY3 didn’t also cost $.99. But if that price ever goes back up, then our theory will fit perfectly. SYY Retro gives fans of technicolor fruit more content, but if you’re new to both and plan on spending the money, go for SYY3.

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