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Cheap Shot: Squash the Street

What comes to mind when you think of Wall Street? New York, the classic Oliver Stone movie, wealth and prosperity, or all the above? The guys over at Last Legion Games are attempting to tap into the growing sentiment that Wall Street is full of unethical and slimy corporate executives. After all, the foul taste of financial bailouts still lingers for millions of American taxpayers. In an attempt to capture popular opinion, Squash the Street is a quick-hitting game that pokes fun at Wall Street’s expense.

This game pays tribute to the Whack-A-Mole style games you may have seen at a Chuck-E-Cheese or amusement park. From a top-down view, your objective is to squash Wall Street executives as they make a run at their fancy cars and private jets. Squashing an executive is done with a quick tap, and you can earn money and bonus financial incentives. Tossing an executive yields you more cash, but that’s about it. There’s no real strategy or skill required here; it’s all repetitive tapping to plug through the never-ending stream of 40-second levels.

Greed is good.

Some humor comes through by way of the presentation in Squash the Street. Real life financial institutions are represented by parodies (for example, Citigroup = Shadygroup), and the bankers utter defiant comments as you kill them. Unfortunately, each level looks exactly the same, with the only exception being the placement of some buildings.

Squash the Street has a few minigames aimed at delivering replay value, but they all fail to deliver any fun. Each of them are some derivative of tapping the screen as quickly as you can, and they fall just as flat as the idea of government bailouts.

We love the idea of creating a fun little game based on the financial bailouts. The problem is that the novelty of the idea can’t make up for the lack of fun. However, if you’re particularly passionate about your disdain for Wall Street and Whack-A-Mole has a warm place in your heart, this will possibly be the best buck you’ve ever spent on your iPhone.

If you’ve been to see Ferral Wench, better get your shots.

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