Showdown Poker: Bluetooth Head-to-Head Play

Showdown Poker: Bluetooth Head-to-Head Play is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Showdown Poker

In poker, a pair is not exactly what you would call a good hand. In Showdown Poker, it’s pair or nothing– of players, that is– due to the glaring omission of a single-player mode and the limitation to one-on-one matches. This is why the game is a gamble for your $0.99, a risk you probably shouldn’t take.

The prime selling point of Showdown Poker is its Bluetooth multiplayer, which was one of the big features included in software 3.0. Unfortunately, it took us more time to connect than it did for us to play the game. Still, once connected, it ran pretty smoothly.

Go all in!

What is probably the most unfortunate part of Showdown Poker’s multiplayer was the fact that it did not let us play against more than one other player in both its Bluetooth and pass-and-play modes. If this casino had room for more than two people in it, we might have felt a bit more satisfied.

Showdown Poker also lacks a single-player mode, and this glaring omission turned what could have been a decent Texas Hold ‘Em game into a royal flush down the toilet.

Even with the game’s well-implemented interface and authentic graphics, we highly recommend you find a poker game that supports three-of-a-kind or higher instead of settling for a pair.

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