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Cheap Shot: Rope ‘n Fly

It’s a classic superhero origin story. A weak, unattractive game gets bitten by a radioactive spider, and all of a sudden it’s soaring to the top of the App Store sales chart. We don’t really think this swingy physics toy is a very good game, but can thousands of downloaders be wrong?

Rope ‘n Fly may be roping in tons of dough, but we really have to squint and strain to see the appeal of this messy little game.

Just your friendly neighborhood… uh… rope-flying man!

When you hit start, you’re dropped, literally, into a fugly cityscape full of 2D rectangles, and you have to tap on a building to start swinging. You can only swing forward, and if you miss a building or swing too low, you’ll hit the sidewalk and explode into pieces.

Then, you receive a score based on the distance you’ve traveled, and you can upload that score to a separate website. That’s the entire game.

Somehow, this app has stolen the hearts of iPhone gamers. Is it the brief few seconds of tumbling flight between blocky buildings? The amusement of seeing Spiderman splatter on the pavement?

A great superhero swinging game would be a blast on the iPhone, but despite the online scores and ragdoll physics, we didn’t enjoy this game too much. There are far better ways to spend a dollar in the App Store.

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