Puzzle Path

Puzzle Path is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Puzzle Path

For a game named by Captain Obvious, the execution of Puzzle Path is pretty imaginative. The title pretty much sums up the game, removing any need for marketing mumbo jumbo on the App Store page. In fact, we could just tack on a score and use the words “puzzle path” as our whole review, and you probably wouldn’t feel too cheated.

But we like to yammer on about games, so here’s the scoop: Puzzle Path comes loaded with 175 single-screen puzzles, each one based on a grid of squares. To complete the puzzles, you place your finger on the starting point and drag it around the grid so that you touch and make every square disappear on your way to the ending point. Leave a dangling square, and you’ll have to try again.

Off the beaten path.

The developers don’t leave it there, though. They stuff in every gameplay convention they can think of, from teleporters, bombs, and revolving arrows, to coupled tiles, key locks, and more. The new concepts are introduced at a steady pace, keeping things fresh throughout. The problem is that later levels get so crammed full of complex gameplay elements that unless you’re Isaac Newton, solving them comes down to trial and error.

This hurts the game more than necessary, because each level is unlocked by solving the one before it. Get stuck, and you’re blocked from proceeding. For masochists, there is a time trial mode with nine levels, and each one is demonically hard.

The presentation is nothing special, but there’s plenty to do in Puzzle Path, and clearly lots of thought was put into the gameplay. Give it a shot if path puzzling is your thing.

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