Mr.AahH!! is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Mr.AahH!

How can you scream when you have no mouth? Where is that background voice coming from, if not him? And what’s with the techno? All excellent questions, for which there are no answers.

In Mr.AahH, a fantastic title from Ponos, you control a little macrocephalic man who looks like he escaped from a men’s restroom sign. He shoots filaments at the ceiling and uses them to swing onto progressively smaller platforms. When you tap the screen, he lets go and flies through the air, hopefully landing on the next platform.


When he lands, a voice (clearly not his, since he has no mouth) comments on his landings. If he misses the platform and falls, a different, tiny voice cries out ‘Aaah’.

It is without a doubt the least satisfying scream to hit the iPhone. Ever. It seems like false advertising. The name sounds promising enough, especially when you learn that you can make your tiny man fall from great heights. But when you tap too soon and he smacks against the side of the platform, all you get is the tiniest of whimpers.

A first you think it’s not even a scream, but just a sound effect from the techno music that loops in the background. But then you drop him again, and there it is. This tiny mouthless little man is screaming, just for a moment.

Just what?

The look of this game is just as disconcerting. The sky and ground look like those sheets of graph paper you used in geometry class, but they form an infinite horizon, punctuated by looming black platforms.

But there’s something about it that’s fun, even when you don’t drop him. The game provides a good challenge, and is rather addicting. Weird, but addicting. We recommend checking out this strange little number. It’s well worth the cost.

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