Melon Golf

Melon Golf is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Melon Golf

We wonder what’s on the list of irregularly shaped-objects that didn’t make the cut for Melon Golf. Maybe you could chip a Thanksgiving turkey in one early version of the game, or putt a car battery? There’s nothing particularly melon-y about the choice of ball in Melon Golf– It’s not like you’re trying to land in a bowl of fruit salad.

In addition to your strange equipment, Melon Golf is a fanciful, Tim Burton-esque 9 holes of mini golf, with three courses of escalating difficulty. There’s also an unlockable nightmare course that you can fully reveal by collecting hidden star tokens on the regular courses. The levels are 2D, and you line up your shots by setting the angle and power, the same way you aim in an artillery game like Kil.A.Ton or Star Hogs.

Obstacles like gears or rotating platforms replace your typical windmills, and while the whole game breezes by in an hour or so, some levels will require you to take dozens of swings while you figure out the particular trick. Unlocking the nightmare course is very, very tough’”it’s not named nightmare for nothing.

Melon Golf is a solid purchase if you enjoy mini golf, or even artillery-style turn-based games, but are sick of blowing up enemy tanks. Swatting a melon down a cavern is oddly satisfying, especially when your hole-in-one is greeted with raucous applause. You’ll feel like Tiger Woods at breakfast.

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