Liberty Boom

Liberty Boom is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Liberty Boom

America, or rather, ‘˜merica, is a place where we all love baseball, hot dogs, and fireworks, regardless of our individual tastes for those things. We especially love the fireworks, no matter how much asthma they cause or air they pollute, because they are a sign of our freedom! Well, this game epitomizes this nationalistic fervor with its name alone, and it offers a combination of many things Americans love.

The game puts you in control of a fireworks display for a city, cheered on by a disembodied crowd of spectators wildly whooping like they downed too many cans of America’s Favorite Lager. However, as much as Americans love explosions, they don’t love it when you hit planes and UFOs with your fireworks. So, that must be avoided by triggering the explosion away from the passing aircraft, but still in the visible part of the sky. Unfortunately, the pilots, flight control, and the guy firing the fireworks have all been imbibing too much Bud Light Lime to notice the catastrophe in the skies, so it falls to you to avoid mayhem and create a show.

Some people take our greatest Presidents for granite.

Every city you put on a show for has a different jam to it, which is a lot of fun to rock out to, and if the crowd rocks out to your firework show, they won’t even notice if a couple of blimps are lost. However, the pilots and the firework-firer get way too excited by the whole affair, and start populating your screen so often that you may just start purposefully destroying aircraft out of frustration with the steep difficulty curve.

Good thing this is just a game, though. You can just put down your iPhone, instead of running past drunken revelers while avoiding the burning wreckage hurtling down from the sky.

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