Horror Labs

Horror Labs is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Horror Labs

A mysterious virus has broken out in the peaceful town of Crinkleton, and it’s up to clichéd, sarcastic tough guy Tom Atom to solve the mystery and put things right!

It may sound boring, but that’s all part of the point in this humorous action shooter. Horror Labs goes to great lengths to make sure there’s never a dull moment. Whether bullets are flying and monstrous creatures are attacking you, or you’re reading Tom’s numerous sardonic quips, Horror Labs is anything but boring.

During the two-hour journey, the game shows us a number of different faces, all of which add to its surprising depth given its price. Movement and gunplay are handled by simple taps on the screen and are mostly intuitive and fun.

If you’re done trying to kill me, could you wash my car?

Aside from the shooting, Horror Labs also contains RPG elements. Players level up by collecting crystals dropped by enemies. Upon leveling up, players choose to place points in different aspects of their character. The difference isn’t highly noticeable, but it adds a little bit of extra reward to leveling up and gives you some choice in how you want to play the character.

One of its greatest assets is it’s self-referential humor that acknowledges the shortcomings of both HL and the genre from which it derives most of its influence. Several scenes in this game are genuinely funny and add even more to an already complete package.

It’s not without problems though. Tapping on creatures can be imprecise and often causes you to accidentally walk right next to them, damaging you. Also, while the songs in the game are fun and catchy, they’re almost always completely inappropriate for the setting. It’s odd hearing such upbeat tunes while creeping through a laboratory overrun by monsters. Still, this is simply a great way to spend a buck.

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